Corporate law is one of the most complex areas of law. Its complexity is that it is associated with different branches of law : economic, civil, tax, labor and this list continues depending on the specialization of the business , the legal status of business shareholders.

The company's specialists have many years of successful experience in providing business with quality services in this area of ​​law.

The company provides a full range of services in this area of ​​law, including:

  • business registration and legal advise as for the form business: limited liability company, additional liability company, joint stock company, general partnership, limited partnership;
  • development of corporate documents (statutes, regulations, corporate agreements, etc.) taking into account the demands of the business;
  • assessment of corporate risks and verification of documents for compliance with legal requirements;
  • liquidation of business of any complexity;
  • business reorganization (separation, division, transformation, merger)
  • change of the form of doing business: transformation of a joint-stock company into a limited liability company, any other types of transformation;
  • support of corporate business operations: holding meetings of shareholders (participants), payment of dividends, operations with authorized capital (transfer of property to authorized capital, increase, decrease in the amount of authorized capital)
  • issue of securities (additional issue of shares, bonds, other securities)
  • support of business acquisition and sale, legal audit (due diligence)

To ensure a full cycle of services in this area, the company has many years of experience and reliable partners in providing related services: services in the field of business audit, property valuation, notarial services.

A separate type of company services in the field of corporate law is the judicial protection of corporate rights and support of corporate disputes of any complexity, in particular:

  • invalidation of decisions of governing bodies (general meeting, supervisory board)
  • invalidation of constituent documents;
  • invalidation of contracts of sale of shares (stocks)
  • invalidation of transactions committed in excess of authority, etc.;
  • cancellation of registration actions;
  • protection of corporate rights of shareholders (participants) in court.

The company's specialists have diverse and successful experience in resolving corporate disputes.