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Our attitude to legal practise is expressed throgh Axiom - Jus est ars Boni et Aequi, which translated from Latin means - Law is the art of the Good and the Equitable.

It is this Axiom that we use in our daily legal practice and in building business relationships with our clients, because first of all law is an intrument for achieving a balance of interests in various areas of public relationship.

  • provide legal services of the highest quality
  • contribute to the achievement of strategic goals of clients
  • to build a democratic society on the basis of the rule of law
  • justice in customer relations
  • the highest professional standards and business reputation
  • introduction of innovative approaches and latest practices
  • improving the efficiency of customers' business
  • priority of client's interests
  • high level of service quality
  • balanced cost of services
  • effective solutions based on international experience and the latest practices
  • maximum efficiency

The main goal of our work is to increase the business efficiency of our customers. For our clients, we constantly strive to achieve the best results that go beyond simple legal advice

our approach is based on fundamental professional knowledge and understanding of various branches of law

our advice takes into account the specifics of each business and always meet high quality standards

we strive to provide a significant and long-term contribution to the development of our customers' business

Founder and Managing Partner of Axiom AP - Ivan Grishko

Education and access to legal practice

Master Degree in "Law", 2005, State University "Zaporizhzhya Institute of State and Municipal Government"

Diploma in "Interpretation" (English, French), 2013, Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technology

Master Degree in "International Law", 2018, Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Phd student at Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine

After passing BAR examination was granted the Attorney Certificate

Prior to the foundation of Axiom AP  since 2002, had occupied the positions of lawyer, head of the legal department, member of the supervisory board, head of various groups of companies in the region


The main goal of our work is to increase the efficiency of our clients 'business. For our clients, we are constantly striving to achieve better results that go beyond simple legal advice .

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