It is impossible to imagine any enterprise, in the activity manages without the conclusion of contracts.

We often begin legal support of the customer at the stage of planning a particular type of business activity, helping to choose the most acceptable organizational and legal form of management, issue all necessary permits and licenses, properly build work with regulators and regulators, and develop and implement system of economic contracts.

Serving companies operating in a variety of industries, our lawyers provide clients with advice on all issues that may arise at any stage of the activity . The company's specialists advise companies by providing one -time oral consultations, comprehensive written opinions, as well as on the terms of customer service . In developing each contract, regardless of its legal nature and the industry in which the company operates , we try to first understand what legal and, importantly, economic effect the company seeks to achieve as a result of such an agreement .

When drawing up a separate contract or contractual scheme for complex settlement of legal relations of an economic entity with its counterparties , we additionally calculate the tax consequences of the scheme , take into account the peculiarities of business transactions in accounting , determine whether there are difficulties in settlements between counterparties. This approach is especially valuable when it comes to foreign economic activity of our clients and currency settlements with non -residents.

Basic services of practice of economic and contract law:

  • implementation of a comprehensive analysis at the planning stage of any type of business activity in order to provide conclusions on regulatory requirements and the most optimal forms of its implementation ;
    providing written opinions and consultations on any issues that arise in the course of the business entity ;
  • development of all types of civil and economic agreements , contracts, memoranda, including foreign economic;
    preparation of protocols of disagreements, coordination of changes and additions to already concluded agreements , contracts;
  • legal examination of agreements, contracts and contractual schemes;
  • support of clients in negotiations with contractors, including on issues of concluding contracts, making changes in existing contractual relations;
  • support of clients at the stage of realization of agreements, contracts, contractual schemes, including at realization of settlements in any forms, including settlements in foreign currency;
  • representation of interests and support of clients in bodies of the state executive power on the questions arising in the course of managing.