Acceptions of inheritance, disputes over the division of inherited property - these are the life situations that sooner or later everyone has to face. The procedure for registration of inheritance rights is usually long and complicated, especially when it comes to specific rights related to business as shares, shares in the authorized capital of a company, deposits in banking and financial institutions, rights to intellectual property rights, land or real estate, rights and responsibilities of developers and the like.

As part of the practice, the company's experts advise clients on the conditions, procedure and features of inheritance of certain rights and property, registration of inheritance, including representing the interests of heirs in litigation.

Basic services of land law and real estate practice:

  • legal support of inheritance acceptance;
  • extension of the missed term for acceptance of inheritance;
  • invalidation of the will;
  • recognition of the certificate of the right to inheritance as invalid;
  • recognition of ownership of hereditary property;
  • recognition of a mandatory share in the inheritance;
  • contesting transactions concluded by the testator before death;
  • removal from the right to inheritance;
  • allocation of a mandatory share in the hereditary property;
  • restoration of documents confirming kinship;
  • settlement of inheritance disputes in court;
  • correction of erroneous entries in certificates;
  • appeals against decisions and actions of a notary in the registration of inheritance.

The company also provides representation of Ukrainian heirs in foreign jurisdictions:

  • representation of the interests of Ukrainian heirs abroad
  • checking the existence of inheritance cases abroad
  • checking the availability of hereditary property;
  • assistance in drawing up documents for action abroad;
  • preparation of documents for subsequent submission to foreign bodies, institutions and organizations;
  • providing consultations, translation of documents on inheritance cases.