Successful business is impossible without taking into account the requirements of tax law. Given the fact that this area of ​​legislation is constantly updated and changed, and quite inconsistently, tax law is one of the most complex areas of Ukrainian legislation.

The complex nature of this branch of law results in contradictory case law in resolving disputes related to the collection of taxes and fees, which can create certain difficulties in doing business (or some transactions).

The company's specialists have experience in comprehensive business support in the field of tax law, in particular:

  • tax audit of economic activity;
  • advising on corporate income tax, value added tax, land tax, real estate tax, etc .;
  • legal support of tax planning, as well as tax optimization;
  • legal support of inspections by regulatory authorities and appeal of their results in administrative and judicial proceedings;
  • legal support of appeals against blocking the registration of tax invoices, exclusion from the list of risk payers (or transactions).

The company's specialists have diverse and successful experience in resolving tax disputes.